Tuesday, July 26, 2011

weekend snapshots

Drove down to Houston this past weekend for a good friend's wedding (Kyle was the best man)...there were so many parts that made our time there so fantastic. Well besides what seemed like hundreds of intersecting highways and the constant construction going on (even close to midnight!)...but we very much enjoyed hanging out with the bride and groom's wonderful families, eating coconut pie and bacon and peanut butter burgers (yes you read that right), exploring downtown, seeing old high school friends and meeting the cutest baby with the cutest cowlick ever for the first time. The groom's nintendo cake and the hipster DJ helped too.

On our way back home, we met up with my sister for some tasty brunch and I finally got to see her new apartment (well, new from last December)...I'm a bad sister. See ya later Houston!


Hillary said...

You cut your hair!! I like it. :) I bet it feels better with this heat.

Sharon said...

I did!! It is 1000x healthier now and I definitely don't miss those split ends:)

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