Thursday, July 21, 2011

pancho + dinnertime

Just thought you'd like to see what Pancho looks like during his meals...yes, that is him lying on his belly while eating at the same time. The best part is after he's finished, he'll pick up his empty bowl with his mouth and bang it against the kitchen walls and cabinets, as if to say "Please sir, I want some more"! Yep, he's a regular Oliver Twist that one.

*Photos were taken a few weeks ago...he is much bigger now and eats much more than what is shown.

**White stuff mixed in with his kibble = organic plain white yogurt (to help combat his smelly you-know-whats). So far it's working pretty well!

1 comment:

runi said...

haha Oliver Twist puppy! I'm glad you clarified what the additive is on his food - I thought it was medicine. I can't believe he lays down while eating!!!

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