Monday, July 1, 2013

cooking class

Instead of exchanging gifts for our anniversary this year, Kyle and I thought it would be fun to "give" each other a cooking class that we could take together. The theme was American Steakhouse, so we learned how to prepare a wedge salad (with fresh blue cheese dressing!), beef filet with béarnaise sauce, creamed spinach, and pan roasted mushrooms. We partnered with a lovely couple, Gerald and Elishia, and got to work...

Kyle being judged on his technique...can you guess what the instructor was thinking??

Gerald and I whipping up the béarnaise sauce...I was assigned the official "pan-holder" role.

Uh oh...the eggs in the sauce look like they are close to scrambling...

Yep. Scrambled. So embarrassing since we were the only table that failed, but for some reason I could not stop laughing...

After the second sauce attempt, we finally finished and plated everything...not too shabby! Actually it was pretty delicious and totally worth all of the blood, sweat, tears, and embarrassment that went into making it:)

Overall, the class was an amazing learning experience and I'm glad we were able to do something different other than the typical 'date night'. Kyle and I both agreed that we would be up for taking another class in the future (the Spanish tapas class looked especially exciting to me). 

And if we happen to invite you over for dinner in the next few weeks, you can guess what we'll be serving...!


tiffany rose said...

I'm coming over for dinner ... ;)

Fabulous anniversary gift, that looks like so much fun. Congrats to you and Kyle.

Sharon Chen said...

@tiffany rose - thank you!

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