Tuesday, June 26, 2012

two years

Happy 2nd Anniversary to the kindest, most thoughtful and loving man I've ever known. Another amazing year filled with memories that I wouldn't have wanted to share with anyone else, including: 

*Hellooo In-n-Out!

*Finding other owners who love their bulldogs as much as we do

*Grillin' like champs

*Going on bike rides with our friends in Palm Springs

*Dealing with the saddest, most painful experience ever

*Taking our first family portrait

*Our second xmas card (here's our first!)

*Celebrating his first birthday

*Decorating our house

*Having way too much fun with Pancho (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

*An upcoming trip to Tokyo!

Here's to #3...xo.

P.S. One year and our wedding...

(Photos by Nessa K Photography)


tiffany rose said...

Congratulations!!! Beautiful pictures. Wishing you a lifetime of wonderful experiences.

Adria said...

Happy two years!

kimly said...

Congrats!! Y'all are so cute. Love the photos.

Daniel and I have something to look forward to :) Today's actually our 1 month!

runi said...

Just beautiful! Congrats you two

Sharon Chen said...

Aww thanks guys!:)

Hillary said...

Happy belated anniversary!!!

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