Monday, April 4, 2011

weekend snapshots

Overall, a delightful weekend full of little things that make me happy: fresh strawberries, new makeup...including the most perfect shade of baby pink lip balm (as worn above), homemade potato pizza, my first pair of espadrilles(!) and a little taco food trailer that reminded me of Austin. But the best part? A smiley cone-dog that's back to her old self - sitting at my feet and wishing more than anything that I'd drop my fork...or whatever was on it.


Anonymous said...

wow, the potato pizza looks divine! can i have the recipe pls? my bf and i attempted several times but ended up with soggy base even tho we used a pizza tray. any tips? btw, great espedrilles!


Sharon said...

hi wendy!
see the recipe here:

i used pre-made pizza dough and green onions this time around, but the dough recipe she provides is great if you have a little more time.

i'm no pizza expert or anything, but I think the key for me was to preheat the oven as hot as possible (mine was at 450) and bake for 10 minutes. that seemed to make it super hot and crispy, fast! also...make sure to cut the potato slices as thin as possible:)

runi said...

aw, look at hal!! i'm glad she's back to her normal self. i love the new lip gloss on you too!

Anonymous said...

thanks sharon! will give it a go this weekend!


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