Thursday, October 28, 2010

antique shopping

Last week, my sister came to visit and we explored a nearby antique shop. I love to peruse the different rooms filled with pretty much anything imaginable…though it does take some time (and usually several trips!) before finding a treasure worthy enough to bring home. We got a laugh when Megan discovered what seemed like the first pair of “3D glasses” ever invented and I found a poor stuffed dog with a missing ear. In the end, I didn’t find anything I just had to have but I’m sure I’ll be back.

Have you ever found anything amazing from a vintage shop?


amy kelinda said...

Wow, your antique shops look a lot more awesome than the ones in Houston! The ones here tend to be poorly lit and stuffy. Ick! And WOW at those glasses! Can you imagine holding those up to your eyes for the entire duration of a 3D movie? Haha! Also, I totally that the stuffed dog you're holding was a seal...

Sharon said...

ha! it totally looks like a seal:)

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