Wednesday, September 1, 2010

bob schneider concert

Last week, I had the great privilege to attend an Austin City Limit's taping with my friend Sarah...featuring one of my all-time favorite local artists, Bob Schneider. It's been 10 years since Bob was last on the show, and as expected he was nothing short of amazing. The two of us were pretty well-behaved during the entire concert - with the exception of us belting out all the lyrics to '40 dogs' (quite loudly!) as well as busting out our dance moves during 'Bombananza'. But probably the best part of the night was getting to meet his parents at the end of the show, both of whom were adorable (his dad wore crocs hee hee:).

P.S. The taping will air sometime in October on PBS!

1 comment:

runi said...

awesome pics! reading about y'all busting out your dance moves made me smile! you're right about that stage being cozy-- i hope the new setup will be intimate too!

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