Monday, July 19, 2010

weekend snapshots

A pretty low key weekend, just the way I like it:

* Ikea cinnamon buns are surprisingly tasty (though nothing compares to homemade)...
* Hallie had a bellyache for the past couple of days so she was looking extra sad.
* Bought Kyle a few of his favorite American Apparel tees (they're so soft!). That striped skirt I bought for myself.
* Didn't find the pair of shoes that I wanted but there's isn't anything in the world that a couple of egg custard tarts won't fix :)


Anonymous said...

hi. i love your blog.
i just wanted to congratulate you on your wedding and to let you know i enjoy your posts!
yea, ikea's cinnamon buns are alright but it's nothing compared to the home-baked ones.

enjoy your day
chris from nyc

Sharon said...

hello chris from nyc! i'm so happy to have found a fellow cinnamon bun fan..and your comment made my day. thanks a million :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad!
I'll continue to comment on your wonderful posts.
I can't wait to watch "eat pray love" as well.
My bf thinks i'm ghey. boo. more fun for me =)

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