Thursday, July 15, 2010

being married

Now that I've been married for almost a full three weeks, I've started to notice little things that make me love him even how he adds the word "wife" after everything he says now. I love you wife. How was your day today wife?

Makes me feel like two little otters from my favorite video of all time all over again...
I'm liking this whole married thing.


jcrewphd said...

Sorry I missed it, but Congratulations on your Wedding!

I've been married for 9 years (our anniversary in couple weeks) and it really is a journey. For me it's about being considerate of each other and strengthening some of the weaknesses one may have. It's a team...especially when you have kids this is SO true. :-)

I wish you all the best and happy days ahead of your marriage! Those otters are too cute!

Sharon said...

jcrewphd - thanks so much for your sweet words! and congrats on your 9 years..that sounds like an incredible journey already :)

runi said...

fellow wife, what a sweet post! we actually watched this otter video last night and it always makes me think of you!

kel said...

I can't agree more - we're inching up on a year (a little under 3 more months - insane!) and I just love it more and more every day :) You and Kyle looked so amazingly happy and just so perfect :) I loved it!

Sharon said...

thanks runi - you are my otter too.

and congrats kelly! it's so great to hear that the lovey-ness still hasn't worn least not for another few years right? ;)

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