Monday, February 1, 2010

macaron vs. macaroon

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend...I sure did. Had the pleasure of meeting up with my friend Kathy and two new blog friends, Aimee and Michelle, over pizza and macarons. So much fun to finally put a face with a name - oh the joys of online social media/networking hooray!

Over lunch, we talked about the differences between a macaron (french cookie made of flour+sugar+egg whites) and a macaroon (coconut-based cookie made of egg whites+sugar+shredded coconut). I told them about how a graphic designer incorporated this for a couple's wedding, as they had a macaron/macaroon miscommunication at the start of their relationship. Aren't these favor boxes so adorable? And the cutest part: they included one of each dessert inside for each guest! Check out the designer Erin Jang's blog here.

I look forward to meeting more of my blog & twitter friends in 2010. Happy Monday!

(Borrowed from Green Wedding Shoes)


Optimista said...

Oh, these boxes are darling! I need a cool graphic designer friend to make favors for all my gatherings. :)

SO great to have met you this weekend! Looking forward to more foodie adventuring.

Sharon said...

same here!!! and the next round of macarons will be on me :)

kathyphantastic said...

Send your most lovely blog friends and twitter friends my way. We seem to gain a similar following. (Sorry I left this on the wrong post earlier)

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