Monday, June 15, 2009

zooey sunglasses

Hello Monday. I don't like you very much.

How was everyone's weekends? I got to do a little bit of shopping (I heart Zara!), see some friends and watch this movie. Pretty hilarious I must, so, many great quotable lines for future use :)

Also, I am loving this 2009 ad campaign for Oliver Peoples, starring Zooey Deschanel. She is the definition of cuteness - I love her! Oh and the sunglasses are nice too (though a bit out of my price range). Watch the short film here.


toast said...

I heard that The Hangover was pretty epic. I'll have to see it for myself! :)

The sunnies look a bit too much like Wayfarers to me, but Zooey is cute. And I love her name, too!

Sharon said...

haha you must go see it! it's kind of a guys' movie but i was laughing just as hard as anyone else in the theatre :)

Melody said...

I LOVE ZOOEY's VOICE Sooo much~~ omg... hey check this vid out..

Sharon said...

way cool melody! i had seen that video earlier in the week but wasn't sure if everyone was tired of my obsession with stop motion :)
i do love post-its though...

Anonymous said...

there's a zara in austin?


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