Friday, May 8, 2009

happy mother's day + weekly favorites

Happy Mother's Day weekend! Are you doing anything special for your mom? I'll be taking mine shopping and out to a nice dinner afterwards, I'm very excited! Also wanting to wish my sweetie a happy birthday - he's turning 26 on Sunday :)

And here a few things that I didn't get a chance to post about this week:

- Something lovely for mom to drink out of each morning

- A puppy that can whistle!

- What I wouldn't give to wake up in the morning and have this staring at me...too cute

- The most affordable "solitaire" engagement ring. ever. (and it's gigantic!)

- The cutest couple in the world...this made my heart swell (Thanks Kevin!)

(Photo by isofoto)


toast said...

That video is ADORABLE. Awwww! Makes me believe in love again! ^^

Unfortunately I won't see my mom this Mother's Day. :( She's 5 states away! Enjoy your day with your mom, happy shopping!

Anonymous said...

thanks b-frud!

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