Monday, May 11, 2009

custom portrait

Hope your Monday is going well so I wanted to share with you one of my favorite etsy artists - the super talented (and not to mention super sweet!), Ashley G. Her simple and colorful pieces are so delightful to look's almost as if there was something magical about each one of the characters she draws. Ashley also does custom portraits for individuals, couples (like the ones above) & families...dare I say perfect for an anniversary or birthday coming up? I can't think of a more creative/personalized gift for someone you love! See more examples here.

P.S. Can you guess who the couple in the 3rd portrait is?! :)


runi said...

oh my goodness!!! I love it...very cool, sb!

toast said...

Cuuute! That would've been a great idea for a mother's day present, a portrait of all the kids. :D Ah well, there's always next year! Do you know if she actually sends a print or if it's just a digital file?

Sharon said...

Ashley sends you the digital file first to make sure you're in love with it...afterwards she'll wrap the print up nicely and ship it out to you! It's on super nice paper too...she is just awesome to work with. But yes, you should check her out for mother's day next year :)

Conversation Pieces said...

I love them. That's such a cute idea – and the illustrations are so cute too. Will definitely be bearing this in mind for future presents! ;)

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