Thursday, January 28, 2010

mighty cone

The one thing you can always count on in Austin is that there will never be a shortage of food trailers to eat at. My sister and I decided to finally try out Mighty Cone, a little eatery that specializes in "crunchy" food (chicken/avocado/shrimp coated in sesame seeds, almonds , chili flakes, sea salt, sugar & corn flakes), all wrapped up nicely in a tortilla cone. Megan really liked her chicken cone while I pretty much oohed and ahhed my avocado cone the entire time, not to mention the chili-dusted fries...mmm so good!


amy kelinda said...

You really make me want to go to Austin again and EAT EVERYTHING!

Megan said...

my eyebrows in that picture makes me look like the roly poly from a bugs life :)

Sharon said...

HAHA you do not have a unibrow!!!
And yes, Amy you should come back and visit...if only for the yummy food :)

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