vacation recap: sedona

We were lucky to be able to spend a long weekend in Sedona for our babymoon and it was exactly what we needed. The surroundings were simply breathtaking - from the scenic views of the red rock canyons to the cool crisp air and starry night skies - it was all so relaxing. Here are some photos of our trip if you'd like to see...

We stayed at the lovely Enchantment Resort, which was definitely one of the nicest places Kyle and I have ever stayed at. They even upgraded us to a room with a gorgeous view and our very own fireplace!

Each morning, there was a little bucket of orange juice on our doorstep, which we thought was a nice touch.

The food at the resort was delicious, not to mention super healthy. My favorites included the homemade granola and the spinach, kale and berry smoothie. My belly was happy and full the entire time:)

If you haven't heard, Sedona is often said to be a powerful spiritual place, complete with vortexes! For those that believe, these vortexes are made of spiritual energy - either male or female energy or both. Even though Kyle was skeptical, we hiked up the Boynton Canyon trail (behind the resort) until we reached the energy vortex between the "Kachina Woman" (tall rock on the left) and the "Warrior Man" (short stumpy rock on the right). We were told that if you stood directly in between the two of them, you would feel a balance of both male and female energy. I'm not exactly sure what I felt up there, but it was definitely a calming and peaceful experience...

Also during the hike, there was a man at the top playing his wind flute the entire time which only added to the ambiance. We ended up meeting him and he gave me a heart shaped rock and wished us inner peace and happiness:)

Along the way, we noticed numerous stacked rock totems so Kyle decided to build his own. He dedicated it to Pancho, naturally.

Me and my baby bump taking in the view...

Taking selfies against the red rock backdrop, haha. I think we were trying to act enlightened.

While it was cold in the morning and at night, it was perfect weather for swimming during the day! My belly certainly felt lighter as I was bouncing around in the water the entire time.

The Mii Amo Spa is supposed to be world renowned so I splurged and got a jojoba butter wrap and pre-natal massage...and boy, was it worth it! I have never experienced anything like it before and it was incredible: they started with a gentle sea salt exfoliation all over the body, then a quick rinse followed by a jojoba and shea butter creme and massage. Lastly, I was wrapped in warm (but not too warm!) blankets to let everything soak in. My skin felt so baby soft afterwards, I couldn't believe it. 

There was a crystal grotto meditation room at the spa so of course, Kyle and I had to check it out. The sign said to check your worries at the door and walk in a clockwise direction so we did;)

On our last night, we signed up for a stargazing class, since Sedona is known for their dark and clear skies. We peered through a really expensive telescope and saw things like the craters on our moon, gas clouds on Jupiter, and the Orion Nebula below Orion's Belt! Holy cow, it was just like off the front cover of a National Geographic magazine...we were very impressed. 

The next morning, we explored the town by eating at a local quirky diner and visiting a few art galleries and cute shops. Big thanks to my friend, Hillary, for the great suggestions!

Even though the vacation itself was pretty short, I'm so thankful we were able to take the time to get away and spend it together. Kyle also loved that my phone did not get service while we there (could only get it in the hotel lobby) so we could actually "unplug":) Yay for babymoons!
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