Thursday, April 10, 2014

baby shower

Last weekend, Kyle's mom, Linda, my mom, and my sister threw me a lovely baby shower for close friends and family. It was such a sweet gesture and I was constantly amazed by all of the little details and how it all came together!

Loved the girly, French-inspired invitation:)

Gorgeous, fresh flower wristlets that Linda made for all of the guests to wear.

The food spread was delicious and a combination of American food as well as Chinese poor mom was up making eggrolls from scratch until late the night before. Now that's love!

We played a few baby games that were pretty hilarious and not too painful (thank you Megan), and ate some tasty petits fours...the chocolate ones had a marshmallow creme filling inside...delicious. I may have had two...or three, shhh. 

It was a beautiful baby shower and Kyle and I are very lucky parents-to-be to have such thoughtful family and friends to celebrate with us. If only our baby girl knew how loved she was already:) 

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tiffany rose said...

What a lovely party, there's a lot of love there. The food looks scrumptious, you and Kyle look so happy and you are looking adorable!

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