Monday, March 3, 2014

this guy

What can I say? I've officially entered the third trimester and cannot believe how fast time is flying by. In between cleaning and organizing our entire house like a crazy person, we've also started going to Lamaze classes and researching local day cares. It's madness, I tell ya!

One of the things that has kept me going is being able to curl up on the couch each night with this sweet little guy...he used to love sleeping in my lap but now that my belly has gotten in the way, he's adjusted to sleeping beside it with his arms outstretched. Almost as if he is trying to hug his little sister! I'm not sure if Pancho actually knows that she's there but I think baby girl sure does, judging by the number of kicks I get once he starts snoring next to her....I have to admit, the whole thing does melt my heart a little:)


tiffany rose said...

Aww ... is that ever the sweetest pic! It's getting a lot closer to baby girl time, sounds like things are going well, so exciting!

Sharon Chen said...

@tiffany rose - i know:) and yes...time is passing a little too fast for my tastes but we can't wait!

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