Thursday, August 22, 2013

yellowstone trip!

Last month, we spent a few days with Kyle's family in Jackson, Wyoming and Yellowstone! I was nervous at first because I'm not an outdoorsy type of person at all (I actually bought my first pair of sneakers in +10 years for this trip haha). But in the end, it was simply breathtaking and we had a great time.

Since it was summertime, we rode the ski lifts to the top of a mountain and raced down a looong slide in little go-carts. Yes, it was as fun as it sounds!

Here's Kyle with some of his family...too cute don't you think so??? That's three generations right there:)

In the park, we stayed right by the peaceful Yellowstone Lake. Sooo blue... were the crystal clear skies the entire time we were there!

It was my first time going white water rafting (um, scary!!!)...

...and the first time I went horseback riding! My horse was named 'Scooter' and was super friendly and had a pretty black and white mane.

Seriously, everywhere we looked was like a scenic postcard. It's probably impossible to take a bad photo while you are there. And the best part was Kyle's parents drove us all around the park because they knew where everything was already, so we didn't even have the stress that usually comes with exploring a new place. We were able to just step out of the car, take it all in and enjoy ourselves. Thanks Max & Linda!

Old Faithful

Thanks for the memories!


Coco Draws said...

Gorgeous photos! I love Scooter. :)

Sharon Chen said...

Thanks Caroline! And me too! He was such a sweetheart...too bad I couldn't bring him home with me:)

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