Thursday, August 8, 2013

best buds

This past weekend, my good friends Runi and Thomas were passing through town, so we all went out for sushi and had a great time. I'd be lying if I said seeing them didn't make me miss Austin (and all of our other good friends) terribly. Even though I've lived in Fort Worth for three years, working from home and having my close friends only ~3 hours away has made it difficult for me to find the motivation I need to make a ton of new friends. I do have a few pretty awesome friends that I've gotten to know here...but why does it have to get harder and harder to make friends as we get older?

This article (though a little old) pretty much sums it up. I particularly liked the example of the guy who tried to walk his cat in hopes of meeting new people:)

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runi said...

thanks for always making me smile

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