Wednesday, June 19, 2013

birthday study

In case you didn't know, I am a big fan of astrology. Kyle on the other hand -- not so much. He thinks people who are receptive to it believe only what they want to believe. Either way, I think it's fun so of course I am also a fan of any and all personality studies. The Secret Language is based on a 40 year study of common personality traits of people with the same birthday. My description is so accurate that it kind of scares me (and the fact that I share the same birthday as Bethenny Frankel scares me even more). As far as general advice, it says I should: 

  • Adopt a more neutral stance toward life. (uhh...ok?)

  • Work quietly and keep your emotions under control. (easier said than done, but duly noted)

  • Don’t give more than you can sustain over time. (am trying to be better at this)

  • Also beware of the demands you make on others. (lower expectations, got it. j/k)

  • Keep your sense of humor active. (that's why i have kyle & pancho:))

  • What about you? Look yours up here!

    (Scorpio necklace via here)


    Hillary said...

    Yay! I love astrology too!. Thanks for sharing the link. :)

    Sharon Chen said...

    @Hillary - haha, I totally thought of you when I was writing this:)

    tiffany rose said...

    Interesting. Think I'll bookmark it to check out on New Year's Eve, might be fun to go through with everybody.

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