Monday, May 20, 2013

goodbyes are hard

On Friday, I said goodbye to my lovely friend Sarah...her husband (EJ) got a big promotion at work, which also meant a big move to Chicago. While I am ecstatic for the both of them and their new adventure, I can't help but feel like bawling deep down inside. I don't know why, but I guess I always thought saying goodbye would get easier as you get older. I still remember how end-of-the-world it felt when I had to leave all my close friends in Florida and move to Austin, 7th grade. Maybe it's especially hard because not only did Sarah and I keep each other company at work, but also outside of work while we were both in long distance relationships - her husband working overseas for the military and Kyle (fiance at the time) working in Fort Worth, while I was still in Austin. Or who knows, maybe it's because I haven't really changed that much since I was 13...

And while I know it's not impossible to still keep in touch and visit, etc., I know it will be different. But maybe different in a good way?

On the plus side, our pups got to hang out with each other one last time before they left is Pancho, Eli, and Winnie lookin' all cute and wanting to come inside and enjoy the chilly A/C:) 


Hillary said...

Awww. I'm sorry Sharon. Tell Sarah "hello" and "good luck" and "have fun!" for me. :)

Sharon Chen said...

@Hillary I will!! Now don't you go anywhere...;)

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