Thursday, March 28, 2013

cat eye

I don't know about you, but I got into the whole "cat eye" game a little late...having never even attempted liquid eyeliner until late in college. I was so bad at it that I gave up for a few years. Off and on, I would try different brands but the combination of my shaky hands + the smudging/smearing (darn my Asian eyelids!) was very discouraging.

But I've finally found one that I can't live without!!! It's by Stila and when they say waterproof, they really mean it. Zero smudging and stays on all day. Plus, it has a marker-style-felt tip that makes it easier to apply for girls like me. I like to use it on most days in place of mascara, since wearing both can be a little too much for me. Now I just have to keep on practicing...

(Photos via here and here)


tiffany rose said...

Most of my eyeliner products have been one (use) and done. Sigh, is there hope for me?

Sharon Chen said...

Same here! I've tried too many to count...but I guess finding one that works makes it all worthwhile?? Maybe...:)

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