Monday, January 28, 2013

the most expensive dog in the world

Ok, not really. But poor Pancho had to have minor surgery over the weekend (due to a suspicious wart)...and now our little guy is a cone-head. A pretty adorable cone-head, though. 

I knew from the beginning that owning a bulldog would be expensive, but it still baffles me that he's already been through four surgeries and he's not even two years old. It's too bad the vet can't give us a punch card or something because I'd totally love a free sub after his 10th one:) Here's to hoping that never happens...


Hillary said...

awww. poor pancho. hope the wart isn't anything indicative and benign. give him a big hug for us!

Sharon Chen said...

@Hillary - I will! Yea, we are still waiting on the results but am hoping it's not serious. I blame the dog park since the vet thinks it's contagious:(

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