Wednesday, January 2, 2013

new year

2012 has been such an amazing year for us, filled with lots of happy memories. Kyle and I were so blessed to have traveled as much as we did (namely Taiwan, Japan, and New Orleans), finished decorating our little house (only took 2 years), and celebrated my 30th birthday with friends...along with a whole lot more. 

Thanks for letting me share our lives with you, as I know my blogging has become more and more personal as time goes on...I think I really love the idea of having this be a journal of our daily life almost, as I have been writing on this blog for almost 4 years! Truly the best part and what makes blogging worth it is all the wonderful friends* I've made along the way. Although, getting to read all of the old entries (as in I can't believe I wrote that) is definitely a close second;)

*Of course, I wouldn't even be writing at all if it weren't for my existing friends and family either, so warm fuzzies all around!!!

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