Friday, December 28, 2012


Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break! We spent ours visiting both of our families in Austin and seeing some friends, in addition to stuffing our faces the entire time. On Christmas day, we headed back home only to find there was snow waiting to greet us. Not the hard icy and gross kind, but the soft, fluffy magical kind. It was so thrilling(!!!) to be able to celebrate a white Christmas, especially since living in Texas makes it near impossible. 

Though I do have to add, Pancho was most certainly not a fan...after only a few minutes, he ran back to the house as fast as his short little legs could carry him:) 


tiffany rose said...

Awww ... the white Christmas is so pretty and lol, picturing Pancho running back to the house!

Sharon Chen said...

Yes! He is a little old man sometimes but he is our little old man:)

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