Thursday, December 6, 2012

a gift guide, sort of

It's been awhile since I've done gift guides...I feel like it's so much pressure to do your own sometimes because they are everywhere! And they are all so awesome, it's hard not to get sucked in. Catalogs, emails, and pretty much every blog I read are doing rather than calling this a gift guide, I'm going to say it's a list of things that I like at the moment (and wouldn't mind being a recipient of, hint hint): 

A neon pink salad bowl for making salads look extra tasty, $32.

Gold dot earrings because they are oh-so classic and will last forever, $360.

Rose gold headphones. Yes please, $149.

French macarons, because they make every girl feel as cute and French as could be, $60.

Steak and egg potholders, because they'll make you smile every time, $26.

A genius scarf necklace that makes it look effortless...for the scarf-tying handicapped types (um, hello!), $279.

A cute Austin mug because it's one of the very best cities in the world, $16.

A charming little print for the kid in everyone (seriously, I want to be on that plane), $24.

A personal library kit for the librarian in everyone (you know you would go crazy with that stamp!), $15.

And lastly, a second bulldog for Pancho to kiss every day, $$$. Just kidding, he has Kyle for that...;)

Happy Shopping!


tiffany rose said...

Cute stuff, but the best is the last pic!

I'd pick out this for you if the larger sizes would still be available. ;)

Sharon Chen said...

Noooooo so tragic!
I thought about getting the frenchie sweater from Jcrew...but it's not the same:)

Coco Draws said...

I love this list. :)

Especially the potholders!

Sharon Chen said...

@ Coco Draws - thanks!! i know...i'm tempted to just buy them for myself:)

tiffany rose said...

I just found another gift for you ... you must check THIS out!

Sharon Chen said...

Bullllllly! Not another're making it hard for me to resist...

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