Monday, October 1, 2012

10 year anniversary

Last week, we celebrated our 10 year [dating] anniversary...can you believe it?! It always baffles me how much time flies. I still remember the little details of our first date - what Kyle wore (UO tee and jeans), the food we ate (tex-mex), and how he dropped me off in front of my dorm at the end of the night. I know it's not an official anniversary anymore now that we're married, but hey, we'll use any excuse to go out for a good meal;)


Hillary said...

Oooh, where did you go for dinner? It looks tasty!

Sharon Chen said...

Haha, we kind of cheated and went out twice - once for brunch and once for dinner:) This pic is from brunch at Cafe Modern (our fav)!

Hillary said...

Haha. That sounds like Lee and I -- celebrating more than once. :)

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