Monday, June 18, 2012

girl friends

Happy Monday! Kate (from For Me, For You) wrote a little blog post a week or two ago that really resonated with me...I too have always thought it was weird that I've never had a group of girl friends that I hung out all at once with (à la Sex and the City). Turns out, I'm a serial "best friender"...

"...wherever I move or whatever phase of my life I enter I end up making a really good friend that I do most things with, or have a few different people that I do specific things with."

Made me feel better I have to say. So for any of you serial best friends out are not alone!

Pictured above: the only time I have hung out with all of my best friends at the same my bachelorette party:). Love my girls!

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Mel-o-dy said...

I never realized that it had a name :)

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