Tuesday, February 28, 2012

weekend snapshots

This past weekend was somewhat of a busy one compared to our usual 'hanging out and doing nothing' routine. Kyle and I found our new favorite sushi spot, took Pancho to his very first dog park (photos to come), attended one of Kyle's coworker's 40th birthday party, and visited the nearby garden nursery to pick up a few plants for an herb garden. I can't believe we are already deciding on what to plant this year and it's only February. Madness. Also had a small get together with our wonderful neighbors...where I made a pear, cranberry and gingersnap crumble, inspired by this post.  I had to use frozen cranberries since fresh ones were no longer in season, but it still turned out pretty tasty in the end.


Ali @ domesticdevotion.com said...

Wishing I was your neighbor!

Sharon Chen said...

Me too! Pancho would totally LOVE Emmet...love as in tons of slobbery bulldog kisses:)

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