Monday, January 23, 2012

weekend snapshots

Celebrated Chinese New Year with the doors and windows open to our house pretty much the entire time...still can't believe this ridiculous weather in the middle of January. Sunny and warm, breezy perfection. Not that I'm complaining or anything. Kyle and I stopped by the carnival that was in town, where I was reminded of my love for caramel apples and my hate for amusement park'd think after +10 years of not being on one would make it a little easier to stomach but no...Kyle took a few photos (not pictured here) of me screaming my head off in fear as we rode a merry-go-round-swing type of a ride. I think it's a pretty popular one with kids. Also attempted to make a Korean green onion pancake (Pa Jeon) for the first time with moderate time I'll be sure to use less batter as it got a little messy when I tried flipping it in the pan. Overall, a weekend filled with small happy moments here in good 'ol Fort Worth. 

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