Wednesday, June 8, 2011

iceland, part 1

It's taken me a few days longer to post some of our Iceland trip photos, but only because we took so many that it made it hard to choose which ones I wanted to share! Some of my favorite memories include walking around downtown Reykjavik, exploring the fish markets by the harbor and seeing the rainbow colored houses from the top of Hallgrimur's Church (it really is just like in the pictures!). And of course the food...skyr yogurt, countless Icelandic pastries (mmm crullers, or "Kleinur") and a visit to a famous hot dog stand. A hot dog with "everything on it" came with both grilled and fried onions, mayo and mustard:) I'll post more photos of the sights we saw tomorrow...until then, good night!

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Mna said...

Hi how r u doing?

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