Thursday, May 5, 2011

weekend snapshots

Took a few days to recover from a super jam-packed weekend...more like I was too lazy to upload photos to my computer and now it's almost the weekend again, ha. Kyle and I threw our first "official" dinner party at the house with our lovely next-door neighbors, complete with a cheese plate (La Tur = amazing) and my very first attempt at paella (a success!). We even managed to make it to the zoo, despite a few clouds and a bit of to come in a later post. And at the risk of sounding like a corny, incredibly gushy wife...I am SO proud of my husband and his little garden that he grew for us! Kyle started out with only seed packets and since then, has already harvested two yellow squashes and a ginormous zucchini...all of which we promptly cooked and devoured. I'm still so shocked at how naturally sweet they tasted - no wonder people buy organic. Ended the weekend with some tasty BBQ and a cold have no idea how excited I was to wear a knit hat in May!


Optimista said...

That is quite a zucchini! And you look totally adorable in that hat!

Sharon said...

Thanks Michelle, the zucchini was pretty delicious:)

runi said...

The dinner party was a success!! woo!

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