Tuesday, April 12, 2011

drive-in movie

Last Friday, Kyle and I packed up the cone-dog and went to our first drive-in movie theater ever. While the movie itself wasn't very good, it felt wonderful to watch it with the windows down, cool breeze blowing and us cozied up in the backseat. Plus, I love anything that involves nachos! We tried to stay for the double feature, since it was a film we actually wanted to see...but we were so sleepy by the end that we just drove back home and called it a night. Maybe next time...

P.S. I love how my camera focused in on Hallie and made us blurry in the background by comparison:)


kathyphantastic said...

I want to go toma drive in.

Also,I broke my camera that we both have. I will just have to live through your pictures now.

runi said...

What a cute drive-in, sb. I love that you took hal-cone with you!

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