Monday, March 28, 2011

weekend snapshots

Spring has officially arrived at our house. From Kyle getting bit by the gardening bug to me dusting off my favorite pair of sandals...oh and trying to incorporate either avocado or blueberries with every meal. Something about the sunny but still cool, picture perfect weather has me craving fruit, salads...pretty much anything that can be considered light and refreshing. Anyone who lives or has lived in Texas knows this weather is sadly only temporary, soon to be followed by waves of sticky hotness all summer long. So we're enjoying it while we can!

Oh, and Hallie gets her stitches out this week...:)


Megan said...

hallie is looking a little chubbs :)

Sharon said...

12 lbs. and 6 ounces according to her weigh-in at the vet today:)

runi said...

haha, hallie does not look chubby! it's the cone! it's not slimming. but what i was really going to comment is that that weekend snapshot of the blueberry dessert reminds me that I've been meaning to make the buttermilk berry cake you introduced me to (the one with the sugar on top)! such a light, sweet cake!

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