Monday, March 14, 2011

weekend snapshots

Hello, I hope your weekend was wonderful! I had an amazing but busy time in Austin all of last week...saw so many good friends and ate way too much yummy food. My sister came up from Houston and we attempted to shop for our spring wardrobes...found a cute floral mini that I just love! Kyle and I also raided the soon-to-be-closing Borders bookstore (yay for 40% off)...I managed to snag a few classics that I've been wanting for our ever growing collection of books. It's funny how the books I want to buy and keep forever are the same ones that I was forced to read in school...maybe that's why we read them I guess.

P.S. Fashion blogger Rumi Neely's firsthand account of being in Japan during the horrible tragedy last week is pretty surreal. Please help if you can.

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runi said...

ahem...I notice there are no pictures from frizz-week AKA the challenge pt I!

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