Friday, March 4, 2011

30 pictures

Saw this around the blogosphere last week and it looked like so much fun, so here goes:

01 / someone i spend a lot of time with:

02 / a picture of myself:

03 / a picture of someone in my family:

04 / a picture of something that makes me happy:

05 / an old picture of myself:

06 / a picture of my sibling:

07 / a picture i never posted on my blog before:

08 / a picture of a person i miss:

09 / a relative of mine:

*Photo by Nessa

10 / a picture of my favorite place:

11 / a person i can tell everything:

12 / a picture of my everyday life:

13 / a picture from a place i love:

14 / a picture which reminds me of old times:

15 / a picture of friends from my childhood:

16 / a picture of myself:

17/ an unusual picture:

18 / a picture of my spare time:

19 / a picture i’m satisfied with:

20 / a picture of the people who are closest to me:

21 / a person who’s always there for me:

22 / a picture from a time in life i miss:

23 / a picture from last summer

*Photo by Nessa

24 / a picture that makes me sad:

25 / a person who always makes me happy:

26 / someone i’m always having fun with:

27 / a picture i always laugh about:

28 / a crazy picture:

29 / the latest picture of myself:

30 / someone i will never let go of:

Have a great weekend, friends! xo


Megan said...

HAHA i like!!! :)

Allison said...

I like!! Especially the jumping picture!! It truly shows who her awesome personality!!! =)

kel said...

Sharon, I absolutely love this! :)

tracy said...

this is so awesome!! <3

Anonymous said...

love it!

Sharon said...

Thanks so much guys!! It was a lot of fun going through old photos...they all mean so much to me:)

David said...

i cant see me in any of your favorite pictures ><

Sharon said...

Davy, we will take some more when you come visit me later this year!

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