Tuesday, February 22, 2011

weekend snapshots

With my sister visiting from Houston, we made a quick day trip to Dallas to play and shop and eat cute cupcakes. I took more photos but must have deleted them by accident because they are nowhere to be found. We also explored a large antique mall/flea market here in Fort Worth...when I say large, I really mean gigantic. My eyes hurt after only an hour because there were too many amazing finds! Found the most perfect little wooden stool for our house, which I'm sure I'll post on the blog sooner or later. Yay for vintage treasures.

P.S. That adorable 'love' banner was gifted to me by my lovely friend, Kathy. See her etsy shop here.


amy kelinda said...

Is that a coconut cupcake??? I am so jealous! My friend (who went to TCU) told me about that flea market mall in Fort Worth. She had so many pictures of the stuff she found there, and it all looked so wonderful!

the southern hostess said...

Those cupcakes! Love these photos.

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