Tuesday, January 18, 2011

dinner last night

My second attempt at quiche was a success (don't even ask me how the first attempt went, it still makes me sad)! I used this recipe but added some leftover honeybaked ham from Christmas. While I love eggs, I don't really like the mushy texture it brings in quiche especially right out of the oven, so this one was perfect because it was mostly made of spinach. Served with a quick salad and a splash of basil vinaigrette. Yum.


kel said...

Next time you're in town - 24Diner makes the most amazing frittata with gruyere and ham. It's really to die for - absolutely NO mushy eggs there!

(I had it a month ago and have been back twice since then to have it again!)

amy kelinda said...

YUM! Your plate looks so delicious!

Sharon said...

wow that sounds amazing kelly! i will definitely have to try that next time:)

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