Wednesday, December 8, 2010

weekend snapshots

We got our tree! It was so exciting (and a little suspenseful) to walk through the entire lot of beautiful firs in all shapes and sizes...only to find the one that was absolutely perfect for us. We came home right away and started decorating because we couldn't wait - Kyle and I each chose an ornament last week and we are thinking of starting a tradition where we do this each year, in hopes of amassing an eclectic collection. Can you guess which one is mine? The rest of the weekend was spent eating lots of homemade soup and drinking cocoa (of course)...but we did get to meet up with some friends and try a nearby gelato shop. The hazelnut flavor was my favorite.

P.S. Everyone was right - the tree really does smell heavenly...


amy kelinda said...

Oooo, I am so jealous of your tree! I remember when my mom used to get us a real tree every Christmas and it make the house smell so wonderful! And AGH, I don't know which ornament is yours! The horse??

Sharon said...

haha yep! you guessed right:)

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