Monday, October 25, 2010

weekend snapshots

Happy Monday! So we didn’t end up going to the zoo, mainly because of all the rain and tornado warnings happening…so instead we did a little Halloween shopping and watched the Facebook movie (2 thumbs up!). But mostly, I loved just being able to curl up on the couch and watch the rain outside our window. Also:

*Pumpkin bagel with cream cheese! Oh how I love this time of year when everything is pumpkin-flavored…
*Shopping for Halloween decorations is a lot harder than I thought. We ended up buying only candy (which we proceeded to eat once we got home).
*A new furry friend for our baby-expecting friends!
*A psychadelic cow in front of a psychadelic pizza joint (the baked potato pie was interesting to say the least).


amy kelinda said...

Pumpkin bagel? That sounds AMAZING.

runi said...

aww, i like that little street lamp outside your house! that pumpkin bagel looks delicious too!

Sharon said...

thanks! it came with the house (the lamp, not the bagel...oh how i wish):)

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