Wednesday, September 29, 2010

weekend snapshots

Sorry for the delay in posts this week, lots of things happening right now and I've officially moved to Fort Worth, TX! It's so exciting to finally be here for good and I can't wait for new adventures to start. Also:

*Box of chocolates from my sweetie, celebrating what would have been our 8 year dating anniversary (hey, we're cheesy).
tacos. ever. Try the Jess won't regret it.
*Look who's ready for the big move!
*New plant friends for our bathroom window. I think they like it here.
*Oh yeah, I'm a blondie now.


Mel-o-dy said...

OOOH you hair looks so healthy and shiny :) I wanna see it in person haha!
I bet it is prettyy!

Optimista said...

Love the hair! You look gorgeous!!! As always. :)

hillary said...

Love it! :)

runi said...

Ooh, even blonder! I like it! The Jess Special? Is it better than the Heather?? aww, look at Hal in Kyle's car...she's so happy and ready for her home

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