Monday, September 13, 2010

weekend snapshots

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine involved a lot of college football (go longhorns!) and a few random highlights:

*A curious chicken that greeted us at the local garden nursery. There were ducks and turkeys too!
*Some of our favorite kid books growing up (for a friend's upcoming baby shower).
*Spotted our first food trailer here in Fort Worth! Sadly, the tacos were only so-so.
*Brunch with my lovely sister in Dallas (followed by lots of shopping).
*Homemade margherita pizza and more football watching with the boy...enough said.


Megan said...

wow that pizza looks great!!

Sharon said...

it was! i'll make some for you the next time you come over :)

runi said...

wow, i agree-- that pizza looks off the hook

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