Tuesday, September 7, 2010

weekend snapshots

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a wonderful 3-day weekend. We spent ours visiting Kyle's parents at their weekend house in Graham, Texas. It felt so nice to just relax with family and not worry about anything:

*In the car, on our way to our little adventure (don't worry, we were stopped at the gas station)!
*The many, many long dirt roads we found in the middle of nowhere.
*Some of the rustic decor inside, courtesy of Kyle's dad (yes, you can even see his teeth!).
*Our big meal, courtesy of Kyle's mom (not pictured because I ate them all: the most scrumptious chocolate chip cookies ever).
*The super adorable Daihatsu truck we rode around in while exploring. Aren't his parents so cute?!
*A little friend stopped by to visit and say hi.
*Farm fresh watermelon for sale...we chose a giant yellow watermelon to take home with us. Kyle even sang a watermelon song on the way back (but lucky for you I won't be sharing).
*Soothing colors from the rock-filled driveway.
*Peaceful sunset at the house. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

**The best part of the weekend (besides seeing family) was getting to see two shooting stars and the Milky Way for the first time ever (and practically every other constellation known to man). I wish I knew how to use the manual settings on my camera so I could have shared with you. But it's incredible how much of the night sky you can see outside a city...absolutely took my breath away.


Mel-o-dy said...

haha this is SOOO COUNTRY :) Reminds me of my trips down to Kerrville/Bandera/Medina/Comfort TEXAS~~

Sharon said...

haha it was very country indeed :)

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