Monday, August 30, 2010

weekend snapshots

Wow, this weekend sure flew by, don't you agree? Kyle and I made some new friends (from his office) and the rest of the time was spent cleaning and working on little house projects here and there. I also got to watch Kyle work on our backyard some...I love that he has such a green thumb! Also:

*Flea market goodness. We are debating going back for an unusual deer (fake) antler mirror...maybe next weekend?
*Best portebello mushroom burger ever from here (thanks to my sis for the giftcard!)

*Cherry and pecan praline flavors are surprisingly delicious together. Of course, anything topped with sprinkles also helps.
*My new Native American-inspired sandals that are currently my latest obsession (ie. I've been wearing them nonstop).

*So excited to finally start reading again...I've heard the broadway musical is absolutely amazing.

1 comment:

runi said...

whoa, i guess i've been under a rock because i haven't heard of "Wicked"-- i'm thoroughly intrigued so you'll have to update us on how the book is! that yogurt / ice cream look reallllly good, and i love your new sandals!

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