Monday, August 23, 2010

weekend snapshots

Did you do anything fun this weekend? We spent most of ours running a ton of errands (huzzah!) and eating many tasty treats. Pretty productive I'd say:

*Guess who got an iPhone 4? (P.S. He really likes it but I still think my 3GS is prettier)
*Waiting for an oil change...yea, I told you we ran a lot of errands.
*Yummy strawberry milkshakes in the most perfectly sized cup portion (Any more and I think I'd gag). Oh, and it's organic.
*Our next-door neighbor's dog who likes to say hi through the fence!
*Dill pickle popcorn from this place. One of my biggest addictions. Seriously.


Optimista said...

You two are a ridiculously cute couple. And that puppy! What a great photo.

Megan said...

cute dog! i suppose that will be hallie's new best friend...goodbye yugi!

Sharon said...

Aw thanks Michelle!! :)

And haha long as the dog doesn't jump over the fence I think they will be best friends!

runi said...

cute!! is kyle addicted to his new phone yet? ooh, this means he'll finally receive text messages!!

Anonymous said...

ooh, dill pickle popcorn? that sounds delicious!
awwww! your next door neighbor's dog looks exactly like my goldie, bear!

glad you had a productive wknd.

chris from nyc

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