Monday, August 16, 2010

weekend snapshots

A few photos from this past weekend and a few from the week before (we didn't do much the last couple of days to be honest):

*Our new basil plant who will taste delicious in many pasta dishes to come.
*Sno-beach sno cones are the best things ever on a 100F+ day (mine was cherry colada flavored).
*Hallie enjoying her little window view at the new house.
*A little pre-wedding anniversary gift for our dear friends, Runi & Thomas.
*Homemade cheddar muffins with lots of extra cayenne pepper for Kyle.


Optimista said...

I always love your weekend snapshot posts - they are so sweet! You have a great eye. And those cheddar muffins with extra cayenne? Mmmmm!

Sharon said...

Thanks Michelle! It's really all in the camera I think...I love my camera :)

runi said...

best anniversary present ever! thanks sb!! (and hal looks so at home-- so great to see her doing her thing there)

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