Friday, August 6, 2010

wedding favors

And lastly, for our wedding favors we wanted to send everyone home with a little piece of "Texas" my mom and I decided to bake 16 pounds of candied pecans using my coworker Kelly's famous recipe (warning: they are incredibly addicting so watch out!). I ordered the custom stamp from The Mayberry Sparrow and had my friend Runi and my family help me stuff the envelopes a few days before. In the end, we had about 70 bags leftover so we sent them all home with my cousin and her husband (neither of them complained).

Well that's it for wedding week! I hope I didn't bore you too badly but I do want to say thank you for letting me share a few of our favorite memories from our special day. I hope you have a fabulous weekend and I'll see you Monday!


Anonymous said...

it was not a bore at all. thanks for sharing your lovely wedding experience with us.

everything looks perfect!

enjoy your weekend.

chris from nyc

hillary said...

These were tasty! Pictures are gorgeous!

eurjean said...

Thanks for the recipe! I will attempt to make these at home sometime (though not quite as ambitious as 16 pounds).

~ej from california

Sharon said...

thanks guys!
and eurjean - no prob! don't forget to make bobby your official 'taste tester'...that's the most important job of all :)

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