Wednesday, July 28, 2010

bookshelf love

Andreas Züst library

lanipauli:  Gallery Fumi found via PiaJaneBijkerk Titled ‘Smart Arse’ this sculpture is made from 200 second-hand books.

The Michelberger Hotel, Berlin

adamo:  il sogno di molti una libreria come questa (via) © photographs copyright christian richters

digstratpopcult:  via brownbear  (via dinosaurlife)

buyhercandy:   unicornology: (via scout)

robot-heart:  Erin ever After: Eric Staudenmaier

Can' many books.
Love love love.

(Via swissmiss)


Kirby said...

!!! I love massive bookshelves like these. it makes me so jealous of all of those stories.

xx Kirby

runi said...

ooh, i like the top bookshelf picture the most!

Anonymous said...

fun fact: falling bookshelves are the number 4 cause of serious accidents in the home...especially among Asians and the elderly

runi said...

alright, i don't condone thomas's 'anonymous' comment above-- he was upset i wouldn't relay his message about bookshelf injuries, so he got on his phone and commented ;)

Sharon said...

hmm. even though i am asian AND old...i will take my chances. yay bookshelves!

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