Thursday, April 15, 2010

LA recap

Kyle and I had an amazing time during our short stay in LA. Some of the highlights included:
  • Staying in the cutest little French boutique hotel
  • Bumping into a semi-celebrity at a local bagel shop in Beverly Hills
  • Walking down Rodeo Drive & seeing the hotel from one of my all-time favorite movies
  • Visiting The Getty and its spectacular garden (not to mention the incredible view!)
  • 3 words: best ramen ever. I'm still getting cravings for it even now...
  • And of course, hanging out with a few of our wonderful friends :)
While I love taking litte mini vacations, I can't help but get excited already for our upcoming honeymoon! Only a little over two months to go...


amy kelinda said...

Welcome back! It looks and sounds like you both had a lot of fun! And running into a semi-celebrity? That's exciting! The most famous person I've ever met is the black ranger Rocky from Power Rangers, haha!

Optimista said...

What lovely photos! Thank you for sharing them!

I confess that at first I thought that hedge thing was food...

kathyphantastic said...

I love the photos of the gardens and Maison 140.

I really like LA except for the traffic.

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