Monday, March 1, 2010

terrarium lamp

Love the idea of creating a 'faux terrarium' adds such an organic, whimsical feel to any space. Would be perfect for anyone who is missing the green thumb gene (ie. ME).

(Borrowed from Design*Sponge)


RatsOnParade said...

That lamp is definitely something! In reading your cupcake post I was wondering if you might consider doing a "best of" Austin list? I'll be headed down there next week - and I'd really like to try and escape the conference-goers to find out where the real Austinites go for grub! I'll admit, I'm not passing by Torchy's Tacos for anybody, but I'd love to hear a local's take on the the best places to go!

Sharon said...

that's actually a really great idea, thanks RatsOnParade! i will work on putting together a 'best of' austin list...of course you know it will pretty much be strictly food-related as i'd like to think i'm sort of a foodie (not really...) :)

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